MELT Method for Multiple Sclerosis

Our Pilates Manitoba client, Luann has lived with MS for 20 years.She started MELTing with me about 6 months ago and does the hands and face treatment everyday. We mix it up with Pilates too, especially the Reformer. About 8 weeks ago, she started the MELT roller work for 30 minutes per session, 3 times per week. By week 3, both she and her husband commented that the MELT has helped he more than the CCSVI treatment she had in Poland. Her energy increased and her mood brightened. By week 4, she walked for 10 steps with no supports. By week 5, she was walking across the room with no supports. Today, she said to me “whatever you did on Monday, do with me again”…when I asked why she said “I was in my bedroom. There is an area rug and my bed. I just said to myself “now just walk, damn-it” and I did. I did not trip on the rug or hold on to the bed. I just noticed how strong my movement impulse was and how much I could consciously”talk” with my body,  without pain or fear. I felt so strong and powerful. I do not have aches and my pain is really diminishing. My movement is so much more fluid and my pelvic and spinal stability is very noticeable. I stand up straighter. I feel my muscles more”. I asked her outright, “so what do you think is causing these positive changes?” and she said “definitely Pilates & MELT”. Here is a pic of Luann walking at the studio without supports. Luann is my hero. She is so smart, brave, courageous and receptive. I love working with Luann. I am so grateful and fortunate to work with her.  I am crying sharing this story with you.

photo (43)

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Avoid Knee Surgery with Pilates

Our client Jana was sent to us by her doctor when exploratory work on her left knee was indicating surgery. After doing Pilates since only Jan 25, 2016, Jana has felt a huge difference: no swelling, the joint does not “go out” anymore and there is no pain in the middle of her knee cap. Jana was amazed that her doctor says there is no need for surgery right now & to keep up the Pilates.


Jana’s Pilates core toning and strengthening plan involved using the Reformer, the major piece of Pilates spring-loaded apparatus. Not only does Pilates rehab, it “prehabs,” so we are confident, along with Jana and her doctor, that she can avoid surgery and stay strong with longevity. We are so happy for Jana, so glad that her doctor used the #1 exercise prescription and so grateful for her sharing this story with us!

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I do not hurt today at all!

OK, so here’s my story…I am a 56 year old sedentary woman.
I work at a desk and I take a few Pilates classes. I wish I had time for more. I have been MELTing for over a year now.

So get this… on the weekend, I get 5 yards of dirt delivered and shovel and rake and re-grade my back yard on Sunday, with a cold by the way. I worked for 4 hours straight doing this,hauling soil in a wheelbarrow, raking, sweeping and moving constantly.

On Monday May 16th, I do NOT feel a single muscle, joint or back pain…nothing… no stiffness or aches or pains… how is that even possible? I even swept the driveway of all the remnants of mud. Then, cooked dinner for 8 and cleaned up! Gotta love the MELT.

This is a story of the new, true definition of fitness…an efficient, stress-free and pain-free fascial system with a healthy nervous system response! #Pilatesmanitoba #painfree #meltmethodwinnipeg #MELTon



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Go from Roller Confusion to Roller Envy

So there is alot of consumer confusion about rollers. And what to do with them. MELT uses a special density 5 inch roller and a half-roller. When you lie length wise on the roller, your entire spinal column is pressed on the special density roller, so your nervous system lying through the middle of those bones is getting unloaded from stress and pressure. So, please do not think you can do MELT moves on any roller. You will hurt yourself, this infliction of pain is never okay, and your fascia will stop collagen production because of that. We spend only 10 minutes at time on that roller for this reason. You have to honour your nervous system. You will feel so relaxed and de-stressed after using the MELT roller you will want to take a nap. With your MELT roller, you will be the envy of everyone with your restored nervous system regulators and pain-free movement. foamroller7.23.13

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Who doesn’t know how to use a roller?

The MELT roller is a magic roller. The MELT balls are magic balls. You will feel the difference from any other roller or balls immediately. They are a special density with special, unique techniques how to use them. I dare you to use pool noodles or harder rollers or squash balls and get the same results… wait… any good results. To me, it is like an acupuncturist giving you needles and telling you to just go home, stick them in you and just do any pin pricks.

Oh, while we are at it, please do not roll out your IT band anymore with an object or roller. It is 100% fascia designed to protect the longest bone in the body.We do not even directly use the MELT roller on the IT band. The harder the surface, the more you hurt and pain means you are mashing your fascia. Inflicting pain means you are not self-caring so please do not mash your fascia. The MELT Lower Body Compression techniques are easy and fun.No MELT move ever hurts and that’s good self-care. We can show you how, now!foamroller7.23.13

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Do I know how to manage the changes I have created?

I am here, in New York, learning more MELT…the smartest, easiest method of self care that I have learned in a career life-time in the mind-body world. It is not the actual method nor really the mind-blowing science behind it (my official prediction in the medical & fascial science world- MELT is correct – they got it right!And, Sue Hitzmann and her team  deserve a Nobel Prize for this work. You read it hear first!). MELT will work. It will change you for the better.  It will unload your nervous system, restore its regulators, get you out of pain, get you moving effortlessly, you will sleep better, fell happy again and lose bloat and deep cellular inflammation.  If you MELT, you will create change. So the question is not “do you want to learn to MELT” but “do you know how to manage the changes you will CREATE in yourself as you MELT”. Maybe for some people it is the very act of creation that is scary let alone coping with the changes.  And to deepen that question, “do you know how to handle the changes you will create without fear or worry that there is something wrong with you”. Do you know how to read your body? We talk about reading  body language in others but do you/we know how to read it in yourself?  I am beginning to believe this is the best question to ask to find out if someone is ready to start MELT or Pilates. I am going to go MELT right now, then do my Pilates & Ponder and  think some more about about loving the changes I am creating and even just loving CREATION!  Till my next blog….




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MELT Low Back Pain Study

MELT works!

Well, you already knew that, didn’t you? But isn’t it great to have a scientific study that validates what MELT® can do for chronic pain?

Here are the results from a recent study done at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, including an overview and details on the subjects, methods, testing procedure, outcomes, and future research topics and opportunities. Connect with me to learn MELT and the actual sequences that were used in this study!

At the Fascia Research Congress September 18-20 in Washington, D.C the study was presented to the scientific community.

STUDY OVERVIEW The study was called “Effect of the MELT Method on the Thoracolumbar Connective Tissue,” and the objective was to determine how the thickness of connective tissue and other biomechanical properties of myofascial tissue changed in subjects with chronic low back pain as a result of using the MELT Method®. The study found that participants who did MELT for four weeks had remarkable results, including reduced pain, increased flexibility, and changes in the connective tissue, including decreased thickening. The control group (who did no MELT) showed no significant changes. The results of the study were presented at the 2015 Fascia Research Congress in Washington, DC, in September.

Why is this important?

• The study shows that MELT is effective at relieving chronic low back pain and improving flexibility.

• This is the first clinical trial of MELT and it shows MELT’s effectiveness vs. a control group.

• The study demonstrates the short- and long-term effects of the MELT Method on the connective tissue.

STUDY DETAILS: The research study was conducted in partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology and led by a biomechanical engineering grad student, Faria Sanjana, who was advised by Tom Findley, PhD (founder of the Fascia Research Society) and Hans Chaudhry, PhD. Objective: To determine how the thickness of connective tissue and other biomechanical properties of myofascial tissue may change in subjects with chronic low back pain as a result of using the MELT Method



Men and women, ages 25-65 with non-specific, chronic low back pain

• 22 subjects for MELT treatment group

• 22 subjects for control group

Exclusions included having a severe low back injury or surgery, a spinal fracture, a BMI over 28.5; having diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or a bleeding disorder; having corticosteroid injections in the spine; or having neurological disorders or depression or anxiety disorders.

Methods:  Subjects were tested using an ultrasound, the MyotonPRO, a forward flexion test, and the Oswestry Low Back Pain Scale

• Ultrasound to measure thickness of connective tissue in the low back using testing parameters and analysis previously developed by Helen Langevin, Ph.D.

• MyotonPRO, a handheld digital palpation device, used to measure biomechanical properties including stiffness, elasticity, tone, and stress relaxation time (recovery time when stress is applied)

Testing Procedure:

1. Initial testing: Ultrasound, MyotonPRO, flexibility test in hip hinge position, and pain scale using the Oswestry Low Back Pain Scale

2. MELT group: 30-minute MELT self-treatment while watching a MELT video, and 5 minutes resting prior to retest.Control group: read or relaxed during same period

3. Immediate retest: Ultrasound, MyotonPRO, flexibility test in hip hinge position, and pain scale

4. MELT group: 4 week MELT self-treatment protocol.  Control group: no changes to routine

5. Final test: initial testing was repeated one month later; MELT group did not MELT on the retest day


MELT group:

• Significant decrease in pain ! 43% immediate  31% long term

• Significant increase in flexibility ! 9% immediate 24% long term

• Significant decrease in the thickness of the fascial layers and combined thickness of the subcutaneous and fascial layers ! 26% immediate ! 34% long term •

-Significant increase in stress relaxation time in the lower area (below the 12th rib) on the left side of the muscle tissues of the spine ! 8% immediate ! 7% long term

• Decreasing trend in stiffness of muscle tissue of the spine, but change not significant Control group

• No significant changes in pain, flexibility, thickness of the fascial layers, stress relaxation time, or stiffness

FUTURE IMPLICATIONS Connective tissue thickness decrease could suggest that fascia is rehydrated as a result of MELT, therefore hyaluronic acid content needs to be measured and further study is needed.

WHAT’S NEXT Upcoming opportunities: • Poster presentation at Joint Conference on Acupuncture, Oncology, and Fascia at Harvard in November • Paper presentation at ninth Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Girdle Pain in Singapore next year. In addition, we’ve been approached by organizations wanting to conduct research using MELT.

Thank you for sharing my enthusiasm for the power of Hands-off Bodywork® and this important step for MELT.

Happy MELTing! Annabel


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