Read this story how to Live Pain Free…at Pilates Manitoba

The following story will inspire all of you who want to learn how to live pain free! The woman in this story used the MELT Method to ground and unload her nervous system and hydrate her connective tissue! I use the MELT Method every day as well, and the “50 sec Face Lift” works, with easy, fast results! (you can see it on May 16, 2014 Rachel Ray Show)

By RH, Winnipeg MB, Canada

… “I went to sleep early like 8:30 pm.  I had to get up and have a hot bath my hips and legs were aching to the point I just could not ignore the discomfort. 
At about 4:30 am,  I noticed that I was laying in a way I have not been able to lay for over a year or two. It’s like my neck just released!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE it! My neck pain has been going on for ages but now it’s gone. 
I want my massage therapist to see if she can tell the difference… it’s crazy. 
I’m in shock. It like an unplugged drain.  No massage or acupuncture has made me feel this much healing. The top part of my stomach feels  flatter and almost tighter. 
But it’s my neck I can’t get over. I’m sitting here moving my neck all over with no or very little pain.  I did not get up and go to the bathroom last night.  I’m not hungry and don’t crave any sweets. I notice that I am not eating as much. Just 3 pieces of cheese seems filling enough. No cravings for anything. Was emotional and cried a bit last night but that’s not uncommon.”

Now, I use the MELT Method every day and RH goes on to ask me:”Ok, tell me what your doing with your face? I do see a change. I did wonder because a while ago you said you were washing your face regularly and paying more attention to your skin. But the other day,  I noticed your skin and I actually wanted to ask you if you had filler put in under your eye but others were around so I didn’t”.

Call us now to book your MELT appointment, class or buy the MELT kits and MELT rollers!

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