MELT Mondays June 30, 2014

I have had many clients want to try MELT to address chronic pain. During our assessment before the self-treatment begins, we review all possible side effects of the MELT treatment,which not only include all of the fabulous, positive things but may include headaches, sinus congestions, upset stomach or diarrhea. Remember, the “issues are in the tissues” and the temporary “negative” effects are your body’s way of saying “get this stress out of me”.  Purging the negative allows the body to reclaim some much needed space. This allows healing time, recognition, inner focus, and ultimately the all-natural, drug-free cure for the pain causing ailments. While the negative effects can be an inconvenience and perhaps scary, it is no more than the negative effects from a bad night’s sleep or over-working or a new drug prescribed by someone. And, the MELT Method is self-treatment so your body will never do harmful things to itself. It wants to get better and healthy and free of pain. The MELT Method is such a simple, easy-to-access tool to go inward and address issues trapped within the body so that it makes your pains ease up…more than any drugs can do.  If you clear out some space in the body, the body can reorganize and ease compression and a build up of nothing more than trapped stress looking for a way out. As Sue Hitzmann, founder and creator of the MELT Method said in her blog “Assessing your body before and after you MELT allows you time to reconnect to your body with your body sense. Going inward and sensing yourself truly reconnects you to your emotional body and can change the most important relationship you have… the one that connects you to your body and your body to you”. As a MELT Method Hand & Foot Therapist, I help you on this important journey to complete healing and freedom from pain. It  has helped so many people so it can help you! If you want to learn more about how to use the MELT Method to get rid of your pain, call us at 204-487-2287, email or better yet, come in for a free 30 minute tour and consultation at Pilates Manitoba on Academy Road. Book a free consultation here:      melt_id_rgb_medium


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