MELT MONDAYS July 14, 2014

I am so happy to have  become a certified MELT Hand & Foot Instructor, joining a  “growing network of “fascianatos” – people desiring to understand how the human body sustains its integrity, longevity, and overall good health. Science is just scratching the surface to explain this relatively unstudied element of the human body – fascia.

I want to share MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann’s blog since she writes so effortlessly and beautifully.  I love the science behind the MELT method and how easy the MELT method is!

“What was once thought of as a packing material that simply supported structures due to it’s 3-dimensional architecture is now being defined as one of the most essential elements of overall good health. Why? The primary cells of this 3-dimensional system are called fibroblasts. They are the healing cells of your body and the cells that produce all of the collagen and elastin molecules we rely on to keep everything from our skin supple and firm to our muscles staying flexible and balanced, and our bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs supported.epimysium

This is truly a complex system that science hardly knows anything about. Yet I would say because of some amazing teachers I’ve been privileged to learn from, I’ve become well versed in this system and what it does as well as how a person can access this system in their own body to keep it efficiently doing its job.”

You and your connective tissue are the best teachers you have! There never has been a better time that the wisdom to heal…truly heal…is within you. MELT works on its own and in collaboration with all other health and wellness modalities. And it does not rip or tear the connective tissue like other modalities with hard surfaces do!



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