MELT Mondays October 27, 2014

MELT, Mat and Myofascia Program Results Are In!

We ran a special 7 week MELT Method Hand & Foot Program September 9-October 25, 2o14. We combined MELT Hand & Foot with Mat Pilates and Myofascia work. Here are the amazing results from 40 different participants. Let the results speak for themselves.

What differences did you see and feel? Here are the top 4 responses in order of frequency of reply (the exclamations mark are from the participants)

1: Felt more relaxed! Less anxious!

“MELT was a way for me to release tension on my own and fairly quickly”

“Pilates involves longer term regular practice and this program integrates the two nicely”

2. Less chronic pain:

“I actually use this for relaxation, posture and engaging my pelvic floor when my back starts to ache”

“ It is a program that I actually stayed with and did not give up on”

“It is actually stuff I used i.e I will keep doing the stretches that I remember, breathing when I am walking and pulling in my abs”

3. Less tired and more energy:

“My sleep improved immediately”

“ I feel more positive and happy!”

“ Definitely more energy, less headaches and less pain especially muscle tension”

“I met my goal – I wanted to decrease muscle tension in my body and it happened!!! “

4. Feeling accomplished and successful after multiple failures:

“Felt less tightness”

“Feel better and move more stable when standing”

“ I set out to fix my bad back and scoliosis and sciatic pain and this is working”

“ I lowered my Blood Pressure and Blood sugar”

“I met my goal I wanted to decrease muscle tension in my body and it happened!!!”

“It’s magic”

melt_id_rgb_medium                               handandfootkit

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new


MELT Hand & Foot has helped so many people get out of pain and it will help you too! Let us teach you the method so you can be pain free and move happy!















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