50 Shades of “Stuck Stress”

When I was 5 years old, I fell off of the monkey bars.I had been trying to get into a position where I could sit slouched in between the rungs; legs hooked over one bar, back swayed and arms hanging  over another in a hammock position. I fell straight down on my lumbar spine and tail bone. My older sister was with me. I remember not being able to get my breath and kinda panicking but not really. I was told later on in my life that my tailbone had broken off and the floating bits of bone were removed.

Do you know what that injury caused in my life? Years of instability.Poor muscle tone. Terrible posture. Poor athletic performance at school. The repetitive bad posture put strain on my spine and pelvis and permanently rotated by rib cage counter clock-wise. I believe that my torqued spine put too much pressure up the right side of the spine into the brain so I had emotional swings. Thank goodness Pilates saved me from further damage and started to restore my spine and pelvis.

As I added MELT into my daily life, I remembered this event, as my connective tissue and calmed nervous system allowed me  get that clarity after all these years. My connective tissue must be so dehydrated and torqued at the base of my spine all the way up to the “pocket” I can feel at my diaphragm.

Each day is different when I MELT , but I get pain relief and fluid motion restored everyday. That’s why I say there are 50 Shades of “Stuck Stress” because MELT moves the extra-cellular matrix in my connective tissue so that it is not stuck, murky stagnant fluid but moving, clear, hydrated fluid. My intention is to help everyone understand the power of their connective tissue and how to use MELT. No one should suffer any more. Think about what it can do, if it can help this old an injury? I am compelled  about what it can do for cancer (help the cells uptake chemo better and eliminate chemical waste better) or MS or depression. I need to practice on more people so share this story.




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