MELT Monday – Day 2 of our I LOVE MELT 28 Day Challenge

So Rose went to a spa day with a girl friend all day yesterday and had a quiet night at home; she did her MELT for the night but did not sleep great and thinks it was from “too much me time” if you get her drift…ha ha, drift get it? Today, she did her hand and foot treatment and went to work all day full of energy.

On Day 1, Feb 1, Heather realized that when life gets busy her self care time goes out the window and she did not MELT. Loving the self awareness and honesty. Her intention this challenge month is for MELTing to be her daily meditation..”my daily bit of ME time”.

Annabel came home starving from not eating properly all day and would usually devour too much carb-laden food but when I take the time to stop, do at least my soft ball hand and feet treatment and face, the hunger pangs back off so that I can sense hunger more authentically.I drank lots of water with a little lime and did the treatment then drank more water and now am preparing a nutritious, crunchy salad. This is the real expression of what my body wants and craves – hydration and a calm nervous system.Every night I do the Re-Balance Sequence on the MELT roller, including the soft ball treatments,  and I sleep like a baby. MELT on everyone and share your stories and feedback…please we really want to hear from you and we want you to be heard by others.











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