MELT Challenge Day 10

Heather has awesome awareness and sincerity to share with us, and you will love and appreciate her honesty… she was very busy on the weekend and up till today and MELTed infrequently and somewhat reluctantly…she could not avoid the feeling that she was MELTing because she “had” to (she did not want to disappoint the MELT Challenge) not because she wanted to. She also noticed that she could not be in the moment and MELT for her own sake. She realized that she was MELTing while talking on the phone or multi-tasking, not because she was in the moment. This kind of awareness you can work with… it is a keen self-observation with no judgement and that is an opportunity to notice what you want to differentiate and either leave alone or work at. Not everything has to be “worked at” or laboured over. Heather came to 12 noon MELT today at the studio. We are trying to build a community… a meeting place to practice MELT, ask questions and share experiences so please join us. At the studio we want to take you from student to practitioner and MELT expert in your own (16)

Rose has been MELTing everyday and feeling consistent, happy energy all day. She is just naturally staying up later, quickly falling asleep, having a great quality sleep and vivid, lucid dreams. She reports not feeling groggy or stiff upon wakening.

Please share with us…we want to hear your MELT challenges, feedback and input


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