MELT Challenge Days 11, 12 and 13

Day 11

Rose here… I did my  MELT in the morning as soon as I woke up.

Hand and Foot then sat and did the bunion treatment for about 5 min.

I am impressed how well I can hold my big toes up with out holding down the other toes.

Thanks for the tip Annabel of just sitting and doing other things while the band is on.

I eat breakfast with Isabel while the band is on.

I did the roller as well.

I also took a Pilates class and I loved how connected the MELT made me feel.

Had a great day and felt neutral all day!

Day 12

I woke up and for the first time did not have tender or sore feet.

My hand swelling or tightness was also diminished

Usually my feet are sore or tender and I guess I have gotten use to it.

I expect and accept this fact.

Sometimes its for me I notice when I no longer feel something

Rather than notice constant pain or discomfort.

Its the absence  I will notice.  Any one else feel this way?


Day 11

Heather did her hand and foot treatment.

Full hand and foot.

Then while at Pilates Manitoba took the opportunity to make use of the MELT roller.

What Heather is reporting is as follows.

What I’m noticing mostly right now is that I am trying to redefine balance again in my life and I am finding that as I race from one thing to the next in my day I am Not present to any of the effects MELT is having on my body and my life.

Dealing with lack of sleep because of choices I’m making in my personal life.

Then stress with my computer has added  to to my brain time.

Day 12 and 13

Annabel is going to help us with the  Rebalance Sequence. I am excited to learn more.MELTbanner





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