Day 19 Melt Challenge

Rose here, I did melt this morning hand and foot.
I then did the bunion treatment while doing the face lift.
Drinking water is on my radar. I choose tea over wine last night.
I am recognizing that headache and flu like symptoms are actually me being dehydrated.
This encourages me to keep water flowing through my body throughout my waking hours.
My skin as I keep saying is soft and not dry.
Sleep has been sound and good.

Did the roller last night before going to bed.Laying on roller breathing for 5 min. Woke up super tight on back down both sides.
This morning did the soft ball and foot treatment. This morning did a bunch of roll downs to assess and reassess.
Melt roller work…rock and catch as well as pelvic tilt.
I am now great.
Annabel explained that where it was tight it is dehydrated. Melting in the morning and assessing has moved the fluid allowing hydration to take place.
At night do the roller and SOFT ball only on hands and feet.


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