I LOVE TO MELT CHALLENGE Days 14, 15 and 16

Day 1I 4 Happy Valentines day

Rose did hand and feet as well as the roller for 10 min on Sat the 14.

I had a dinner on the 14 and I felt great all day and night. I have started to notice how soft my skin is. I don’t use anything. Im either too cheap or lazy to be bothered and living in such a cold dry climate let me tell you I feel it.

Sunday I felt dehydrated  I woke with a headache and I could actually feel my body screaming for WATER. I struggle with drinking water always have. So I went on a hunt for a pill. To no avail. OK time to drink water.  Got up and felt lousy. The wine and drinks from the night before were showing me loud and clear the effects on my body. I did melt but not untill the late afternoon.  Why did I wait so long I felt better with in 15 min.  On sunday I woke with another headache. I knew my body was demanding water.  Like I said its hard for me so I avoid as long as poss. Monday I did melt and roller and I felt great.  I see the signs and am able to read my bodies needs better and better each day.

Heather has been struggling with daily melt and had an inconsistent few days.

Annabel felt the effects of wine on her body from Sat night.

Her mood was foul and she was dehydrated.  She did melt and felt the positive impact of MELT.  This does make me wonder why it takes us so long to go to what we know will help. Is it just because it is so new.  I love the self awareness this challenge is affording me.


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