Catch up on our Melt Challenge.

OK so its day 25 of the challenge.
Rose reporting…
is off to Toronto for her brothers 50 and then NYC to complete her MELT training.
We are so excited to have Annabel a complete and fully certified MELT instructor!
has been very busy mentally and physically this month.
Struggling with fitting MELT into her life this month.
She feels shes not able or willing to quite herself to see the value of MELT.
Great awareness Heather.
Has been melting daily and is really feeling the effects.
So I do enjoy a glass or two wink wink of wine a day.
The MELT is showing me how dehydrating alcohol is on my system.
I have woken up for the last 6 days with a “thick tongue”
Its feels like my tongue and cheeks are pressing against my teeth.
My tongue feels like I ate something hot and burnt my tongue.
I have lost my taste buds. and I drink more tea and water.
I sleep really well.
Except on Sat night I woke up and felt really anxious which I don’t normal ever feel.
I got up and did the roller for 10 min and fell back to a peaceful sleep.
So great to have a tool to use in these situations.
I love that Heather suggested the melt Challenge because I love the changes Im seeing because Im sticking with it.


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