Its now March but I’m still melting!

We are now into the first week of March.
Here is my update.
I have continued to MELT.
Why? I have to say I am hooked with how I feel.
The not feeling tired is great. Its 7:30 am and I am at work with my grand-daughter.
Melt changes.
1. Sleep well all night long
2. Not hungry don’t over eat or crave savory or sweet
3. Stomach issues and ISB gone
4.fatigue gone
5. thirsty have to drink water I actually crave water and I know that wine or coffee will not cut it I actually need water.
I’m not a fan of drinking water and for me this is a struggle but when your body demands it Well that makes it easy right.
Dont tell me I need to drink tons of water I wont But if you are thirsty you will want to drink it. then when you see how you feel and understand the changes in your body because your sencing it they its easy to drink water you will want to.
6. Mental state of peace neutral. Content.
I now need to Melt dont want to go back to feeling less then wonderful
MELT has taken me out of the fog and I am back at my Pilates and just a nice clear balanced outlook
The better one feels the more one will want to do and take on.
Love it


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