Marathon MELTing

I want to try a half-marathon in the fall and I need to increase my pace and lengthen my stride. Besides meeting up with a great inspiration to help me and let me tag along—thanks Cathie and Bob—I MELT my hands, feet and face before I run. Then, I do the roller after a cool down run around the scenic River Heights community of Winnipeg.

I use the compression techniques to stimulate hydration during my 5 miles run on Saturday and now I clearly see, from my 6 mile run on Sunday,  the need for the “tensional energy” or MELT Length techniques to restore the extensibility of the fascia. This eliminates joint and muscle stiffness afterwards and prepares the body for a longer run next time for pain-free, proactive training so you do not hurt your joints as you train forward.


Running a marathon pushes your body to the limits and can be very hard and damaging on your body if the proper preparation isn’t considered and practised. Using the MELT Method during marathon training is an effective preparation for reducing injuring and increasing stamina during the marathon. It might even be the difference in winning the race or winning the participation award.

Of course success is defined by your fitness goals and frankly, if you’re participating your already winning!

For those of you who feel that running a half marathon is next to impossible because your body is breaking down, aging and you can’t enjoy what you once did, come see us at Pilates Manitoba for MELT Fascial Training. You can slow down the aging process as you speed up your marathon strides!


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