Do I know how to manage the changes I have created?

I am here, in New York, learning more MELT…the smartest, easiest method of self care that I have learned in a career life-time in the mind-body world. It is not the actual method nor really the mind-blowing science behind it (my official prediction in the medical & fascial science world- MELT is correct – they got it right!And, Sue Hitzmann and her team  deserve a Nobel Prize for this work. You read it hear first!). MELT will work. It will change you for the better.  It will unload your nervous system, restore its regulators, get you out of pain, get you moving effortlessly, you will sleep better, fell happy again and lose bloat and deep cellular inflammation.  If you MELT, you will create change. So the question is not “do you want to learn to MELT” but “do you know how to manage the changes you will CREATE in yourself as you MELT”. Maybe for some people it is the very act of creation that is scary let alone coping with the changes.  And to deepen that question, “do you know how to handle the changes you will create without fear or worry that there is something wrong with you”. Do you know how to read your body? We talk about reading  body language in others but do you/we know how to read it in yourself?  I am beginning to believe this is the best question to ask to find out if someone is ready to start MELT or Pilates. I am going to go MELT right now, then do my Pilates & Ponder and  think some more about about loving the changes I am creating and even just loving CREATION!  Till my next blog….





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