Go from Roller Confusion to Roller Envy

So there is alot of consumer confusion about rollers. And what to do with them. MELT uses a special density 5 inch roller and a half-roller. When you lie length wise on the roller, your entire spinal column is pressed on the special density roller, so your nervous system lying through the middle of those bones is getting unloaded from stress and pressure. So, please do not think you can do MELT moves on any roller. You will hurt yourself, this infliction of pain is never okay, and your fascia will stop collagen production because of that. We spend only 10 minutes at time on that roller for this reason. You have to honour your nervous system. You will feel so relaxed and de-stressed after using the MELT roller you will want to take a nap. With your MELT roller, you will be the envy of everyone with your restored nervous system regulators and pain-free movement. foamroller7.23.13


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