I do not hurt today at all!

OK, so here’s my story…I am a 56 year old sedentary woman.
I work at a desk and I take a few Pilates classes. I wish I had time for more. I have been MELTing for over a year now.

So get this… on the weekend, I get 5 yards of dirt delivered and shovel and rake and re-grade my back yard on Sunday, with a cold by the way. I worked for 4 hours straight doing this,hauling soil in a wheelbarrow, raking, sweeping and moving constantly.

On Monday May 16th, I do NOT feel a single muscle, joint or back pain…nothing… no stiffness or aches or pains… how is that even possible? I even swept the driveway of all the remnants of mud. Then, cooked dinner for 8 and cleaned up! Gotta love the MELT.

This is a story of the new, true definition of fitness…an efficient, stress-free and pain-free fascial system with a healthy nervous system response! #Pilatesmanitoba #painfree #meltmethodwinnipeg #MELTon




About pilatesmanitoba

Owner, Pilates Manitoba
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