MELT Method for Multiple Sclerosis

Our Pilates Manitoba client, Luann has lived with MS for 20 years.She started MELTing with me about 6 months ago and does the hands and face treatment everyday. We mix it up with Pilates too, especially the Reformer. About 8 weeks ago, she started the MELT roller work for 30 minutes per session, 3 times per week. By week 3, both she and her husband commented that the MELT has helped he more than the CCSVI treatment she had in Poland. Her energy increased and her mood brightened. By week 4, she walked for 10 steps with no supports. By week 5, she was walking across the room with no supports. Today, she said to me “whatever you did on Monday, do with me again”…when I asked why she said “I was in my bedroom. There is an area rug and my bed. I just said to myself “now just walk, damn-it” and I did. I did not trip on the rug or hold on to the bed. I just noticed how strong my movement impulse was and how much I could consciously”talk” with my body,  without pain or fear. I felt so strong and powerful. I do not have aches and my pain is really diminishing. My movement is so much more fluid and my pelvic and spinal stability is very noticeable. I stand up straighter. I feel my muscles more”. I asked her outright, “so what do you think is causing these positive changes?” and she said “definitely Pilates & MELT”. Here is a pic of Luann walking at the studio without supports. Luann is my hero. She is so smart, brave, courageous and receptive. I love working with Luann. I am so grateful and fortunate to work with her.  I am crying sharing this story with you.

photo (43)


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